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Public Attributes

proc_t Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

char _sigpnd [18]
 status mask of PER TASK pending signals
long alarm
 the next 7 members come from /proc/#/statm
char blocked [18]
 status mask of blocked signals
char ** cgroup
 cgroup current cgroup, looks like a classic filepath
unsigned long cmaj_flt
 stat cumulative maj_flt of process and child processes
char cmd [32]
 stat,status basename of executable file in call to exec(2)
char ** cmdline
 (special) command line string vector (/proc/#/cmdline)
unsigned long cmin_flt
 stat cumulative min_flt of process and child processes
unsigned long long cstime
 stat cumulative stime of process and reaped children
unsigned long long cutime
 stat cumulative utime of process and reaped children
long drs
 statm data resident set size
long dt
 statm dirty pages
int egid
 stat(),status effective
char egroup [P_G_SZ]
 status effective group name
unsigned KLONG end_code
 stat address of end of code segment
char ** environ
 (special) environment string vector (/proc/#/environ)
int euid
char euser [P_G_SZ]
 < Be compatible: Digital allows 16 and NT allows 14 ???
int exit_signal
 stat might not be SIGCHLD
int fgid
 status fs (used for file access only)
char fgroup [P_G_SZ]
 status filesystem group name
unsigned long flags
 stat kernel flags for the process
int fuid
char fuser [P_G_SZ]
 status filesystem user name
unsigned KLONG kstk_eip
 stat kernel instruction pointer
unsigned KLONG kstk_esp
 stat kernel stack pointer
long lrs
 statm shared-lib resident set size
unsigned long maj_flt
 stat number of major page faults since process start
unsigned long min_flt
 stat number of minor page faults since process start
struct proc_tnext
 n/a various library uses
long nice
 stat standard unix nice level of process
int nlwp
 stat,status number of threads, or 0 if no clue
int nsupgid
 status number of supplementary groups
char pad_1
 n/a padding
char pad_2
 n/a padding
char pad_3
 2nd 16 bytes
unsigned pcpu
 stat (special) CPU usage (is not filled in by readproc!!!)
int pgrp
 stat process group id
int ppid
 stat,status pid of parent process
long priority
 stat kernel scheduling priority
int processor
 stat current (or most recent?) CPU
long resident
 statm number of resident set (non-swapped) pages (4k)
int rgid
 status real
char rgroup [P_G_SZ]
 status real group name
struct proc_tring
 n/a thread group ring
long rss
 stat resident set size from /proc/#/stat (pages)
unsigned long rss_rlim
 stat resident set size limit?
unsigned long rtprio
 stat real-time priority
int ruid
char ruser [P_G_SZ]
 status real user name
unsigned long sched
 stat scheduling class
int session
 stat session id
int sgid
 status saved
char sgroup [P_G_SZ]
 status saved group name
long share
 statm number of pages of shared (mmap'd) memory
char sigcatch [18]
 status mask of caught signals
char sigignore [18]
 status mask of ignored signals
char signal [18]
 < Linux 2.1.7x and up have 64 signals. Allow 64, plus '\0' and padding.
long size
 statm total # of pages of memory
unsigned KLONG start_code
 stat address of beginning of code segment
unsigned KLONG start_stack
 stat address of the bottom of stack for the process
unsigned long long start_time
 stat start time of process -- seconds since 1-1-70
char state
 stat,status single-char code for process state (S=sleeping)
unsigned long long stime
 and so on...
int suid
int * supgid
 status supplementary gid's
char ** supgrp
 status supplementary groups
char suser [P_G_SZ]
 status saved user name
int tgid
 (special) task group ID, the POSIX PID (see also: tid)
int tid
 (special) task id, the POSIX thread ID (see also: tgid)
int tpgid
 stat terminal process group id
long trs
 statm text resident set size
int tty
 stat full device number of controlling terminal
unsigned long long utime
 stat user-mode CPU time accumulated by process
unsigned long vm_data
 status data size
unsigned long vm_exe
 status executable size
unsigned long vm_lib
 status library size (all pages, not just used ones)
unsigned long vm_lock
 status locked pages in kb
unsigned long vm_rss
 status same as rss in kb
unsigned long vm_size
 status same as vsize in kb
unsigned long vm_stack
 status stack size
unsigned long vsize
 stat number of pages of virtual memory ...
unsigned KLONG wchan
 stat (special) address of kernel wait channel proc is sleeping in

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file readproc.h.

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