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Public Attributes

u_proc Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int block_scheduler
 indicates that the process should not be touched by the scheduler
char ** cgroup_origin
 the original cgroups this process was created in
int changed
 flags or main parameters of process like uid, gid, sid changed
char * cmdfile
 basename of exe file
GPtrArray * cmdline
 array of char * of cmdline arguments
char * cmdline_match
 space concated version of cmdline
GHashTable * environ
 char *:char * hash table of process environment
char * exe
 executeable of the process
pid_t fake_pgrp
 fake value for pgrp
pid_t fake_pgrp_old
pid_t fake_session
 fake value of session
pid_t fake_session_old
GList * flags
 list of u_flag
int history_len
 desigered history len
guint last_update
 counter for detecting dead processes
int lua_data
 id for per process lua storage
GNode * node
 for parent/child lookups and transversal
int pid
 duplicate of proc.tgid
struct proc_t proc
 main data storage
GArray proc_history
 list of history elements
int received_rt
 indicates a process had realtime prio at least once
GHashTable * skip_filter
 storage of filter_block for filters
GPtrArray * tasks
 pointer array to all process tasks of type u_task
int ustate
 status bits for process

Detailed Description

Definition at line 146 of file ulatency.h.

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